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John K.

"Truly outstanding; will work with Sheet Gurus again. I recommend them 100%."


Chris M.

"This is the second project we've completed with Sheet Gurus... fantastic work across the board and looking forward to our next experience working with them!"


Pavel P.

"Very high quality of work, excellent in all aspects! Couldn't be happier, will definitely be coming back for more. 10 thumbs up :D"


Jill M.

"Sheet Gurus did a great job helping me even though I wasn't very clear on what I wanted initially. They were very patient and communicative and we got to a really good solution. I will definitely use them again!"

Most Businesses Fail Within 5 Years

The ones who don't work with people like us.

The deadly mistake you may be making

If you are like most business owners & managers, you are likely missing critical information from the processes of your business that can help you grow and increase revenue. You understand that you should be gathering data, and that somehow it should help you, but you may not be sure what data to collect or how to make it work for you. We can revolutionize your business so that your data is working for you.

Luck vs Analytics

The financial stress of hoping for and relying on "lucky breaks" is enough to sink an otherwise safe business model. Businesses that do not correctly manage their data may find themselves blindsided by changes in their customer habits, or wasting valuable funds on marketing or products that will never be profitable. We can free you from the gamble of luck, by transforming your business into one that works on guaranteed models of success.

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Make automation your best friend

We have been able to automate away up to 90% of time-wasting processes for our clients. Harnessing the power of automation has allowed businesses we work with to save themselves from the frustrating and expensive practices of repeated, monotonous tasks. Our streamlined approach to improving your business processes will allow you to spend less time on the boring stuff, and more time on the critical decisions that drive your business.

See your business like never before

We utilize cloud-based solutions such as Google Sheets to create advanced, customizable data visualizations that you can easily share with your entire team. Through our experiences of working with businesses like yours, we are able to craft personalized dashboards that show you the data you really care about.

Our Data Acquisition & Analytics team will also help implement data collection technologies at all of the critical steps of your sales funnel.

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